Review Guidelines

Here at CERank, we strive to keep your best interests in mind. This means that our reviews, guides, tools, and anything else that we put forward need to live up to the highest standards.
Out hope is that if we give you the best information, you will have the ability to make the best decisions when it comes to keeping your license active and in good standing.

How We Analyze Continuing Education Courses And Companies

Having a systematic methodology for our reviews ensures that all companies and courses are evaluated equally. This means that you will be provided the least biassed recommendations for services that you need.

Here’s how we rate continuing education services:

  1. Price
    We all know money doesn’t grow on trees. You want to get what you need and not pay extra for it!  While most times the price difference in comparable products and services is justified, there are times when you are just paying for a brand name or marketing scheme.  We’ll do our best to make sure that the price of the service is equal to the quality provided.
  2. Convenience
    Most of the time, and in most industries, continuing education can be taken online by watching videos or reading through short modules. Others require you to attend a physical classroom or equivalent for a set number of hours. One isn’t necessarily better than another, but we want to let you know what to expect when signing up for your course.
  3. Time
    You’re a busy professional. Do you have time to take off work to attend a four week session to satisfy CE requirements? We’ll do our best to go through the course ourselves to let you know how long you can expect it to last.

We have two measurements of time for each CE course: expedited and thorough.

  • Expedited – The absolute least amount of time it takes to get to the beginning of the final exam in the course. This means we don’t read any of the material, but just press the “next” button as absolutely quickly as possible. Note: we don’t recommend that you blow through the course. Take your time to understand the concepts and get your money’s worth from the class.
  • Thorough – While reading the material at our normal reading pace, we take the average time that it takes to complete several modules and multiply this by the total number of modules. This gives an estimate of how long it would take to complete the entire course while reading to retain the information.

There are other things to consider when signing up for a CE course, and we will do our best to round up that information for you. It’s these four things, however, that make up the best base for us to make our judgments and pass the information over to you.

We hope you enjoy the site and have a great experience with your CE.

Good luck.