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Our Rating


3.8/5 – Pretty Good

eInsurance Training has been offering their insurance CE course for a few years now and has come to market with what we think is a strong contender to the more well known brands.  

While you probably won’t be blown away by the video production value, you’ll find a reasonably priced continuing education package that checks all the important boxes and gets you on your way.

Ranking Factors

Price – 4.5 / 5

Depending on your state, this price may be near the low end, or a little above average, but since your reporting fees are built in, chances are you will save money in the long run.

Convenience – 4.0 / 5

Being able to take this course on your phone is great, plus there are enough “save points” that picking up and putting down the course is very doable.

Time – 3 / 5

The expedited course time came in at 3 hours, 28 minutes, which isn’t bad. The thorough duration calculation, however, clocks in at a whopping 33+ hours. Go ahead and grab some more coffee.

eInsurance Training

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$37 – $80

Depending on state. Includes state reporting fees.


  • Completes all your continuing education requirements for this renewal period.
  • State filing fees are built into the advertised price, so there are no surprise bills.
  • Mobile friendly courses. Having the ability to take this course on the phone may end up saving you some work time.
  • Shows your completion percentage at the end of each module. This gives you a better estimate on how much time you’ll be spending in the course.
  • Every module ends with a summary video, which helps tie together all the dense text that you just crawled through.


  • Each module can take some time to complete, and your progress will only be saved when completing a module. Any tech failures or other closing of the page could lead to quite a bit of lost time.
  • The videos, while informative, look like they are coming from a VHS tape. It’s not a big thing, but after enough time in the course, you’ll find yourself wishing for a higher quality video experience.
  • The majority of this course is reading small black text on white background. You may need to adjust the size of your browser window so the small text doesn’t give you a headache.

Customer Reviews

Online reviews from consumers can often show the true colors of a company. While our reviews show a deep insight on what you can expect from taking the course, customer reviews can sometimes point out flaws or inconsistencies within the product the business. 

These reviews should ultimately be taken with a grain of salt, however, as a generally accepted theory is that a person who is unhappy is much more likely to leave a review than a satisfied user. 

Note: eInsurance Training is the insurance branch of the parent company At Your Pace Online (AYPO). AYPO offers continuing education for many different industries. These customer reviews are based on the company as a whole, not just insurance CE courses.


Facebook shows At Your Pace Online having a 4.6 out of 5 rating on 129 reviews. It also has 26 recommendations and 778 followers on the platform. For the size of the company, those are fairly solid numbers.

The consensus is that the company listens to its users and implements changes that are recommended to them. They also keep in contact with anyone having any issues and will stick through until a solution is found.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB gives At Your Pace Online an A+ rating with no complaints filed.

They show a 5 out of 5 rating on 5 reviews

The reviews on the BBB are a little more vague than on Facebook, but seem to show the company as very responsive to its user base. There are many mentions from people stating that they will use the service again in the future. That’s a pretty good sign.

Customer Support

Customer support can sometimes be a factor for people when choosing a continuing education course provider. If you are the type who likes having the peace of mind that someone is right there to help you whenever you need it, then pay attention to this section. 

In most cases, however, people won’t ever encounter a need to reach out to their CE company. For this reason, we don’t score courses or companies on customer support.

Though eInsurance Training doesn’t advertise their customer service hours, we can say that they are highly responsive in online chat. We reached out with a pre-purchase question on a Sunday and had a live human responding to us within one minute. They were able to answer the question quickly and accurately while being extremely courteous and helpful.

Aside from chat, they offer both phone and email support.

If you go by the customer reviews, then you’ll believe that this company believes in taking care of its users from start to finish. Any communications we have had with folks in the company have been very professional and attentive.

Customer support is one of the most notable features of eInsurance Training.

About eInsurance Training

Note: As mentioned earlier, eInsurance Training is a brand owned by the parent company At Your Pace Online.

At Your Pace Online is an online continuing education company headquartered in Gold Hill, OR. They were founded in 2010 and started with courses in the construction and trade industries.

Since then they have expanded education offerings into further skilled trades, real estate, insurance, and many other different professions. At the time of this review the company states that they have sold over 200,000 courses, which in our opinion, is enough to get most of the bugs worked out.

Quote from the company:

At Your Pace Online is an online education company offering state-approved training in all 50 states. By incorporating multiple learning strategies, we have created a learning system that is unparalleled.

eInsurance Training Alternatives

We should have a short explainer of how this company stacks up in comparison to our top pick in the category. There should also be a text link in this section to the review of the #1 company.

eInsurnace Training

$38 – $80

Depending on state. Price includes state reporting fees.

#1 in Insurance Continuing Education Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you review the final exam part of the course?

The reason we don’t go into any detail about the final exams of these continuing education courses is that it just plain wouldn’t be fair to the education company. The folks working at these companies work hard every day to help students and to run a proper business. We would never purposefully publish copyrighted content or anything else that would harm these companies or their intellectual property.


How do you measure the time of the course?

The time taken to complete the course will vary from person to person. We report two times for each course: expedited and thorough. Read more about our methodology.


What if I take a course but I do not pass the exam?

Most providers allow you to take the final exam as many times as you wish until you attain the score you need.


How do I report my CE?

CE hours will be reported by the provider of the course to the vendor maintaining the database of credits obtained by licensees. You should retain the proof of your completion of a course in case any questions arise regarding your completion of the course and your earned CE credits.

Research and Review Methodology

Making sure that we give useful information is our number one mission here at CERank. To accomplish this goal, we take our reviews and other material seriously. We have a standardized method in which we approach our reviews:



In order to understand the material, courses, and other data presented to the users of continuing education products, we purchase and take the course just like any other customer.

We take several modules of the course to get a full understanding of how the course looks, acts, and feels. Our job is to see things from the user point of view, so we take the steps needed to accomplish this.


Review Methodol0gy

There are many traits of continuing education courses. Some of them are very important to the user, and others may not impact many or any users at all. 

The three factors that we score our reviews on are: price, convenience, and time.

Price and convenience are fairly obvious, but it’s worth mentioning how we measure time.

We have two measurements of time for each CE course: expedited and thorough.

  • Expedited – The absolute least amount of time it takes to get to the beginning of the final exam in the course. This means we don’t read any of the material, but just press the “next” button as absolutely quickly as possible. Note: we don’t recommend that you blow through the course. Take your time to understand the concepts and get your money’s worth from the class.
  • Thorough – While reading the material at our normal reading pace, we take the average time that it takes to complete several modules and multiply this by the total number of modules. This gives an estimate of how long it would take to complete the entire course while reading to retain the information.

Full Review Guidelines

CERank may receive a commission from education companies. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are CERank’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. 

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